Wrightington Hospital Orthopaedic facility, Wigan

anaesthetic room

The £18m state-of-the-art new Orthopaedic facility at Wrightington Hospital was officially opened on December 21st 2015.
The development contains two new wards with a total of 56 beds, most of which are single room accommodation.
At the heart of the development is one of only three ‘barn’ operating theatres in the uk combining four operating areas into one complex with a 7 space recovery area.
The term ‘barn theatre’ refers to the design of an operating facility where the main surgical area is open-plan, with each patient being treated in a dedicated space alongside the next, with an ultra-clean air canopy over each station to prevent the spread of infection.
In nearly all cases the theatres are intended for orthopaedics use, and this is where they are thought to be most effective because orthopaedic surgery generally tends to involve broadly repetitive processes, with one hip or knee operation similar to the next.
FBS package included the support areas adjacent to the operating theatre including anaesthetic rooms, utility rooms, nurse bases and offices. We also supplied and installed fitted furniture to the recovery areas including several nurse base units, write-up tables and units in wards and the clean and dirty utility areas. Clinical areas were furnished with post-formed laminated surfaces to HTM63 standard.
Main Contractor – IHP : Contract Value – £99k .


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February 19, 2016