FBS Contracts, along with James Watt College in Birmingham, embarked on a journey to enhance its educational offerings with cutting-edge facilities.

Teaming up with Inside Limited and The Space Studio Architects, the college undertook the refurbishment of old changing rooms and classrooms to create new Material Testing and Build Tech Laboratories.

Recognising the importance of practical learning in technical education, James Watt College aimed to establish state-of-the-art labs to foster hands-on experience and innovation among its students.

FBS Contracts manufactured and installed two specialised labs: a Material Testing Lab and a Build Tech Lab using Trespa Toplab Base for the laboratory worksurfaces, a robust 16mm material known for its chemical resistance and durability. 40 x 40 steelwork was used to provide structural stability for the worktops, ensuring longevity and safety.

Cast Epoxy Sinks were chosen for their chemical resistance and ease of maintenance, essential for laboratory environments. Storage was incorporated into the design through strategically placed base units, providing ample storage space for equipment and supplies.

Through collaboration with FBS Contracts, Inside Limited and The Space Studio, James Watt College has successfully created laboratory classrooms that serve as hubs for innovation, preparing students for real-world challenges and driving progress in engineering and construction industries.

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James Watt College Birmingham
James Watt College Birmingham
James Watt College Birmingham
James Watt College Birmingham
  • Client – James Watt College, Birmingham
  • Main Contractor: Inside Limited
  • Architect – The Space Studio

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