FBS Contracts are proud to announce that we have completed the first stage of registering with Achilles BuildingConfidence and we have been granted Pre-Qualification Status.

Due to the increasingly rigorous demands of various pieces of legislation and ongoing policies such as the CDM Regulations 2007, Corporate Manslaughter Act, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility criteria, Immigration Laws, the Bribery and Corruption Act and also an increased focus on the financial stability of sub-contractors the pre-qualification stage of most construction projects has become more and more arduous, time consuming and costly.

FBS has long been looking for an accreditation system that is cost effective and more efficient than having to repeatedly go through numerous seemingly identical questionnaires and pre-qualification systems.

In Achilles BuildingConfidence we think we have found this. It is a systematic supplier qualification programme beginning with data capture through online questionnaires and then followed up with a rigorous validation process by dedicated assessment teams and qualified auditors. This all results in a single pre-qualification questionnaire which is independently accredited. By going through this registration process we at FBS Contracts hope to be able to reduce our overheads on large contracts and to greatly streamline our pre-qualification systems and procedures.

Achilles BuildingConfidence qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporations including 17 buyer organisations and over 1,500 suppliers in the UK construction sector alone. Major players in the UK Construction Sector such as Kier Group, Shepherd, Sisk, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine and Skanska.

For FBS Contracts there is also the added benefit of Identifying real business improvements through the review process, identifying ways in which our management and production systems can be improved in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Like all big changes it will be challenging in the short term; but in the long term we will reap the benefits of the audit process and of full accreditation.

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